Water Gardening May Lead to Invasive Species

Water Lily

photo: tinyfroglet

Water gardening is becoming increasing popular both in homes and in corporate locations.  The problem is as water gardening popularity increases it is resulting in an increase in invasive species.  Invasive species include plants such as hydrilla, water lettuce, zebra muscles and water chestnut.  What happens is these invasive plants takeover the ecosystem from the native plants.  Since many of these invasive plants are from other continents the animals that would normally eat them to keep them at bay simply aren’t present in this country.  The native animals here simply have no interest in consuming them.

If there is a heavy rain and the water floods slightly then these species escape from the seemingly harmless home water garden.  They can be forced down storm drains and eventually wind up in local lakes an rivers.  At this point they takeover the ecosystem and through everything out of balance.  Some of these invasive plants are able to grow and thrive in conditions that they shouldn’t be able to.  They adapt to the environment and take it over.  If you have a water garden or plan on starting one there are a few things you can do to try to be as responsible as possible.  Read more…

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