The Scent of a Garden

When choosing plants for a garden don’t forget to pick some that smell great. They will add a pleasant aroma to your garden that you and those that pass by your garden will certainly enjoy. They are many plants that have a nice scent and can grow in dry climates as well.


Start an Early War on Weeds

Start early in the Spring to pull any weeds that may be in your garden. It is easiest to pull weeds before they have developed a strong root system. Keep on top of weeds and try to avoid using herbicides as they will pollute the land.

Online Training For School Garden Programs

There is a series of online webinars that will show educators how they can get kids involved in growing a garden. This is a great opportunity for anyone to learn the basics and then pass you knowledge onto the kids so they can grow a garden.

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Growing and Eating Mint from your Garden

Mint is a great plant to grow in your garden as you can enjoy the leaves in drinks and recipes. It is a hardy plant that can grow in areas that many other plants cannot. You can choose whether you want to grow spearmint, apple mint, peppermint, or any other variety of mint.

red rose

Are Roses Edible

Rose petals are edible and are a delicacy. More and more restaurants are including rose petals in salads for their flavor and for decoration. You have to make sure you don’t eat roses that are sold in stores as they are dangerous.

High Rise Gardening in Milan

In a growing trend more and more plants and shrubs are being planted on high rise buildings. This will help clean the air and provide a more natural feel to the living spaces. The trick is choosing the right species that can live under such conditions.

How to Control Diseases and Pests in an Organic Garden

When you first make the switch to organic gardening you may be overwhelmed as the normal chemical pesticides you may have relied on can’t be deployed. The good news is that there are more organic pesticides available today. Crop rotation must be followed and you must make sure you keep your garden weed free so pests don’t take over.

Start with Organic Seeds

To the most fundamental organic gardener you must start with organic seeds. Organic seeds are becoming more and more popular with gardeners as these seeds must be produced under organic conditions. This way there will be less harm to the environment as they are pesticide and fertilizer free.

Winter Flower Shows

Flower shows are a great way to enjoy flowers in the cold of the winter and learn things at the same time. The educational programs offered at the flowers shows are good for novice as well as advanced gardeners. No one knows everything so you can always learn more by attending these shows.

Groundhog says Start Gardening

Good news for those who live in the northeast. Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog has predicted an early spring. That means it’s time to start thinking about starting your garden.