Organic Gardening for Newbies

If you have used chemical on your garden in the past and want to convert to organic gardening it is important to cleanse the soil first. The reason to do this is because earthworms and beneficial microbes may no longer be present in the soil and your garden will be more successful with them present.

Fighting Stink Bugs

Stink bugs came from China to the United States in 2001. They started in Pennsylvania and are spreading all across the country. While they don’t pose a threat to people they can really destroy fruit trees and other plants.

Garden Tourism more popular than Disney World

Garden toursim is increasing in popularity and is growing every day. People are seeking an escape from their urban lifestyle and a trip the visit a garden is just what they need. They are visiting gardens first and then if they have extra time they are visiting other tourist attractions that may be in the nearby vicinity.

Greener Composting

A good way to go green is to recycle your used vegetable and fruit scraps by composting them. You can do this rather easily in a bucket or an indoor composting bin that is sold commercially. This will allow you to have fertilizer for your house plants or your outdoor garden.

Start Your Garden Now

Many vegetables can be planted in April as they don’t need to wait till the danger of the last frost has passed. Root crops like cooler weather and in fact will grow better with cooler temperatures. This will also allow you to balance your harvest.

Trend Towards Low Maintenance Gardening

Older people are able to continue enjoying gardening as they seek lower maintenance gardens. This includes both container gardening and raised bed gardening. The raised beds prevent them from having to bend over and possible injure their backs.

Apple orchard

Pruning Apple Trees

It is very important to prune your apple trees. The trees need space between their branches to product healthy fruits. Don’t be fooled into thinking more branches will product better fruit. It is important to remove any dead branches from you trees as soon as you can.

New Trick to Store Potatoes

If you have too many potatoes in your garden and can’t consume them all generally you can store them in a cool location. As an alternative you can overwinter them in the ground. To do this you need to properly mulch your potatoes.

Senators Discussing Organic Funding

Senators will decide the future of many agricultural initiatives this week when they determine where to allocate funds. If you believe in organic agriculture make sure you contact your senator to let them know they should fund the programs to the levels funded in prior years.