Weedless Gardening

Some people have suggested that tilling the soil is not a good idea as it will allow dormant weed seeds to emerge. They encourage the soil to be left intact and to add fertilizer as needed.


How to Get Your Kids Involved in Gardening

The key to getting kids involved in gardening is getting them started early. Have them do some basic gardening chores such as watering to get them interested in the garden. Then when it’s time to harvest your vegetables have them pick the ripening fruit and vegetables.


Start a Garden at your School

If your school doesn’t already have a garden, you might want to consider starting one at your school. You will have to lay out a plan and get administrative approval so be prepared to do some work. You will have to figure out how to fund the garden, or apply for a grant.

Blue Flowers

Blue is not a color that is commonly found among flowers. The reason for this is because insects are not attracted to the color blue therefore they are less likely to pollinate such plants. Through evolution the color of blue has been minimized, thus it is not common.

Are you an older Gardener?

If you are an aging gardener you may have to make some changes so you can still enjoy gardening. This may include shifting to container plants as opposed to a large garden. You may also want to grow easier to maintain plants so you don’t have to struggle as much.

Companies will grow a garden for you

If you don’t have the time to get a garden started there are companies that can help you get started. They can offer services such as just setting up a garden as well as the full maintenance of a garden. It really depends upon someones needs, interests, and free time.

Organic Gardening for Families

A family can benefit from the healthy vegetables that you can grow in your organic garden. Kids really enjoy gardening and will be curious to eat vegetables that they might otherwise have no interest in. By moving away from processed foods you are creating a better lifestyle for your family.

Organic Gardening Requires Planning

Since organic gardens rely on compost and manures as fertilizers these supplements must be added to the soil well before you plant your vegetables and seedlings. It takes time for these to break down and convert to a usable form. Especially the first season you start organic gardening you must get these into the soil as soon as possible.

2013 Gardening Trends

As the year 2013 continues there are some distinct trends that can be noticed in gardening. As the population ages tool makers have adapted to older gardeners to make the tools easier to use. This allows them to keep gardening longer than before they had such tools.

Square Foot Gardening for Seniors

Square foot gardening is a good way for older people that may have trouble bending over to still enjoy gardening. By growing the plants in a compact fashion where the beds are raised it allows for easier access. The beds are also designed to reduce the amount of water that is needed to have a successful garden.