Gardening with Window Boxes

If you enjoy container gardening you will also enjoy growing plants in window boxes. They make a very nice decoration to any house. You can enjoy fresh herbs growing happily in your windowsill.


Gardening in Alaska

Gardening in Alaska can be quite challenging. However by selecting the correct crops and enhancing your soil you can definitely have a nice garden in Alaska. They key is to have realistic expectations as to what will grow.

Farmers Advice to Novice Gardeners

Many experienced farmers are trying to give back to the community by teaching others how to start their own gardens. They go over the basics and show people how they can improve their garden in a few simple steps.


Choosing the Right Plants

One of the most common mistakes gardeners make is selecting the wrong plant for their garden. They don’t consider the climate or the amount of sun a plant may need and they are disappointed with the results. If you are unsure of what to grow it is best to ask a professional.

Spring Gardening Tips

As the cooler spring days give way to warmer summer days here are several tips to help you with your garden. Make sure you don’t try to do too much the first day in you garden as your body may not be in shape after resting and not doing too much physical exercise during the winter.

Water Gardening May Lead to Invasive Species

As the popularity of water gardening increases so does the threat of invasive species taking over the local ecosystem. Rainwater may was plants from backyard water gardens into local rivers, streams, and ponds. This can cause devastating effects.

Lower your BMI with Community Gardening

A recent study has shown that those who participate in a community garden have a lower BMI than those who don’t. While the reasons for this haven’t been confirmed it is definitely worth waiting. Community gardens are very valuable for the health of a community.

Yardless Gardening

One of the latest trends in gardening is what people are calling yardless gardening. This is for those people that want a garden but don’t have adequate land to sustain a formal garden. Many people are using small patios or window sills for their garden.

Time to get your Garden Started

As the warmer weather starts getting hold of the country now is the time to start your garden. You must choose a plot of land if you have not already. Start turning the soil and adding manure and compost so you are ready when the last dangerous days of frost have passed.

Clematis Easy Care Guide

Clematis is an attractive flower that grows on vines. Caring for them is easier than you think but you need to determine what variety you are caring for. You need to prune it to keep it healthy.