Pruning Pines in the Spring

Now is the perfect time to prune white pines. You need to pinch back the candle so you get the ideal shape you are looking for. Don’t wait till the warm weather to prune the trees.

Easy to Build Gardening Box

A gardening box is an easy project that people can do for their garden. It only requires a shadow box and a picture frame. You can choose plants that are easy to grow and you will have a successful vertical garden in no time.

Organic Gardening Video

Here is an short video that shows you how you can get started with organic gardening. By following a few simple steps you can have a garden this year. Make sure you don’t try to make your garden too big when you first start out.

Snails in the Garden

Brown snails are a problem for the garden. They will destroy your crops by eating everything in their path. You can stop them by either picking them one by one or by getting decollate snails to eat them.


Benefits of Earthworms in the Garden

Earthworms are a great organism that can improve the soil quality of your garden. They can be attracted by mulching your garden in the fall or spring. They don’t have to be fed and will look for their own food.

Gardening Improves Your Body and Mind

Gardening improves both your mental and physical health. This has been proven by researchers. Those that suffer from dementia or depression can be given horticulture therapy to help their situation.

Gardening with Grandchildren

Spending time in the garden with your grandkids is an activity that can always be enjoyed. It allows for a break from the ordinary day to day tasks and lets you talk with your grandkids about a variety of topics.

Gardening Mother’s Day Gifts

With mother’s day fast approaching it’s time to get your mother a garden related mother’s day present. You can pick something as simple as seeds or a watering can or something as involved as a greenhouse. She will be ecstatic to receive something that relates to her hobby.

Parent and Child Gardening Bond

Gardening can be a nice family activity that solidifies the relationship between a parent and their children. You have to keep things fun and don’t make gardening all about hard work. Sure at times work needs to get done but don’t forget to relish the moments when harvesting what you have grown.

Straw Bale Gardening

If your soil is poor you may want to try growing your garden in bales of hay. As the hay breaks down it releases heat and creates a good environment for your garden. Water drains through the bales very quickly so you don’t have to worry about overwatering.