Grow Vegetables in Barrels

A gardener who used to catch rain from his roof in barrels is not using the barrels to grow his plants. He has the barrels spaced across his yard and is able to produce so many vegetables that he actually gives them away.


Biotic and Abiotic Plant Disorders

Plants are more likely to succumb to pathogens if they are weakened by drought or other extreme conditions. Therefore it is important to keep your plants and garden watered before things get too dry.

Container Gardening Tips

Container gardening will allow gardeners without a back yard to enjoy a garden. You must make sure the pots are kept moist. Also make sure that you put the containers in a location that will receive enough sunlight.

Grow 8 Foot High Tomatoes

Imagine your tomato plants growing over eight feet high in under two months. Think it’s impossible? You’d be wrong. This was done by an organic gardener with no chemicals.

lady gardener

Gardening with Arthritis

Arthritis can make it difficult to perform certain tasks in the garden. However you don’t have to stop gardening altogether. With some precautions you can still enjoy your hobby.

Garden insect

Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is a good way to control any insect problems you might have in your garden. It is safe to humans but by putting it on insects it kills them as it cuts their bodies. Make sure you use the food grade as the pool grade may be harmful.

Prince Harry’s Green Thumb

Prince Harry helped design a garden at the Chelsea Flower Show. It had hearts and crowns as a tribute to his late mother Princess Diana. Even Prince Charles showed up at the flower show to see the garden.

Gardening Jobs are Not Boring

There is a shortage of educated horticulturists as more people are steered towards other more popular jobs. This is causing many companies to recruit employees from overseas. Schools need to do a better job showing that there are good jobs for those that study gardening.

Do Onions Flower?

Onions are biennials therefore they may flower in their second year if left undisturbed. It is best to harvest them immediately if you see them going to seed. Make sure you choose a variety that is suited to your region.