Organic Gardening Video

 It is easier than you think to get started with organic gardening.  More and more chefs are using organic vegetables in their recipes.  Some tips include making sure your plants get enough sun.  They need eight to ten hours of sunlight every day.  You need to make sure that your soil has good drainage.  You shouldn’t select an area that has sitting water as that will cause many problems.

You don’t need a lot of space.  It is best to start with a smaller garden that is four feet by eight feet. This size allows you to reach into the garden to pull weeds without stepping on the soil.  You never want to step on your soil once it has been turned over.  Your local garden center or hardware store will supply you with all the tools you need for your garden.  You should use a wide fork to turn over your soil and break up clumps.  You could consider lasagna gardening if you are starting your garden on top of an existing lawn.

In an organic system the key is to nourish the microbes.  The best way to to that is with compost.  You need to keep the soil covered throughout the season with mulch. This will help keep weeds from growing and will conserve water.

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