Grow Vegetables in Barrels

Have you ever tried growing vegetables in barrels?  Well one gardener has and he has done so with a great amount of success.  In fact he was able to start his garden when there was still snow on the ground because the compost in the barrels was at a much higher temperature than the ground.  The gardener employs companion planting by growing three different types of vegetables in each barrel.  For example he might grow tomatoes with lettuce and cucumbers. Or basil with sunflowers and tomatoes.  The gardener started with the barrel system by catching rainwater off his roof.  Later he used the barrels for the plants.  He still catches the rainwater from his roof and is able to water all his plants.

The barrels are 40″ polyethylene barrels and are filled with compost.  He spaces them about four feet apart throughout his entire back yard.  He has extra produce and actually gives it away instead of trying to sell it. Read more…

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