Gardening with Grandchildren

If you have grandchildren a great way to spend some time with them is in the garden.  You can talk to them in a natural environment about any subject you want it doesn’t just have to be about gardening.  You can have your grandchildren help plan the garden before the season starts.  They can apply math skills to determine how many seeds need to be planted based on the area of your garden.  It is best to have your grandchildren help with a small section of the garden as they may feel overwhelmed if you have a very large area set aside for your garden.

It is a good idea to look for small tools that will allow the smaller kids to use the tools effectively   Many garden centers sell smaller tools just for this purpose.  You will be doing yourself a disservice if you put large tools in the hands of small children.  Weeds are always a chore that no one likes to do, so don’t rely solely on your grandchildren to do the grunt work or they will quickly lose interest in the garden.  Kids really enjoy watering a garden so this is something that they can help you with and they will enjoy doing it.

Make sure to allow your grandkids to harvest the garden.  After all their hard work they should be able to reap the rewards.  Make sure that they are encouraged to try new vegetables.  They may not like them at first but as they keep trying different vegetables they may acquire a taste for them.  Read more..

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