Gardening with Arthritis

lady gardenerWhile it is true gardening is harder for those getting up in age, if it is a past time you enjoy it is definitely something you shouldn’t abandon.  Arthritis in particular can be very hard to deal with for gardeners.  One of the most important changes you should think about making is waiting several hours after you wake up to do any physical labor in your garden.  This is because older people need more time for their tendons and muscles to reaccustom to moving after sleeping.  Make sure you don’t do the same repetitive activity for more than 2o minutes at a time.  If you need to rake an area, take a break after 20 minutes and either switch to another activity if you have the energy or just lie or sit down for a while.

It is a good idea to buy tools that aren’t heavy that wold make your work harder than it already is.  There are tools described as ergonomic that will make things easier for yourself.  In addition there are many tools that have cushioning that will also comfort your body.  If you need to use a tool that doesn’t have a cushion consider covering it with pipe insulators to make it more comfortable.  While you might be tempted to buy tools online that are ergonomic make sure you check the return policy.  Just because they describe them as ergonomic doesn’t mean that they will be easier for you to use.  Therefore it might make more sense to check a local store where you can actually try the tool out first.

If you have to prune trees or bushes make sure that your shearers are kept sharp.  If the blade is dull it makes it a lot harder for you to cut and thus exerts more strain on your body.  In fact make sure any tools that you use that have an edge is sharp, any advantage you can get will be to your benefit.

So if you have arthritis don’t let it deter you from enjoying the hobbies you love.  You might have to slow down, but you don’t have to stop.

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