Gardening in Alaska

AlaskaUsually when you think of the world Alaska you don’t relate gardening with it.  You relate mountains, snow and vast wilderness.  Alaska lacks good sunlight, warmth and fertile soil so gardening in Alaska can be quite challenging.  The first hurdle people need to overcome is that everything they can’t rely on the techniques they may be used to if they gardened in any of the lower 48 states.  You have to be realistic about the crops you can grow.  Don’t get your hopes up if you think you can grow tomatoes in Alaska without a greenhouse.  Try to focus on cooler weather crops such as broccoli  lettuce, and radishes.

Many gardeners in Alaska have very poor soil and will need to purchase soil and compost to enrich the area where they plan to garden.  When starting from scratch like this the soil will usually have very little nutrients so the soil needs to be augmented.  Since the temperatures are rather cool in Alaska composting can be challenging.  You can use fish emulsions but keep in mind you might attract wild animals as they can smell fish from miles away.  It is best to get your soil tested so you can properly amend your soil.  It is best to use at least some organic matter to aid the symbiotic microbes in the soil.

It is best to try to fence in your garden in Alaska, because as previously noted the local wildlife are alway in search of something fresh to eat.  If you have questions about how to get started with your garden or just need some help check out the Extension Service in Alaska.  They will be more than happy to help and give you good solid advice on how to overcome the obstacles that are present when trying to garden in Alaska.

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