Container Gardening Tips

If you want a garden but don’t have the backyard space then container gardening is an easy alternative.  Keep in mind that there are some distinct differences from normal gardening that you must be aware of.  First is the fact that plants will dry out a lot quicker and therefore need to be checked and if they are dry they need to be watered.  One way of doing this is by implementing a drip irrigation system from pot to pot.  Make sure there is enough room in the pot for root development.  If your plants roots don’t have adequate room to grow then your output will really suffer.

You must make sure you have adequate nutrients in the soil you use in the pots.  It is generally a mistake to just take soil from your yard and use that.  You will want to mix some organic material in your containers.  Sunlight is important for growth so make sure you place your containers where they will get adequate sunlight.  Read more..

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