Choosing the Right Plants

gardendesignOne of the most important aspects of gardening is picking the right plants for your yard.  You must make sure that you aren’t selecting perennials that aren’t tolerant to cold weather if you live in a cold climate.  Many people select flowers based on the color or size of the blooms.  Others select plants that have flowers that attract butterflies or colorful birds.  You need to match your plants to the conditions in your yard.  Some plants prefer full sun, others part sun, and still others prefer shade.  Then you have to consider wether the plants you are looking for prefer moist or dry soil.  Just because a neighbor is using a certain plant or flower doesn’t mean it’s a match for your yard.  They may have a southern exposure and you might have a more northernly exposure.

It is important to test the soil to see if it’s acid or alkaline (pH).  While you can adjust the pH of your soil it is much easier to choose plants that match the soils existing pH.  One important aspect to consider is the total hours of sunlight an are receives.  You should monitor the area every several hours during the day and note how much sunlight is present.  If you are measuring the sun before the leaves have fully developed on the trees make sure that you take into consideration any shadows the trees may create when they have all the leaves present.

One of the most overlooked aspects of picking plants for your yard is the amount of free time you will have to care for your garden.  If you simply have time to plant your garden and forget it, you shouldn’t be selecting plants that need a lot of follow up care and maintenance   On the other hand if you enjoy tending to your plants feel free to select the most demanding varieties and be prepared to spend a lot of your free time caring for them.  You shouldn’t be turned off from spending a lot of time caring for your plants if that is what you enjoy, but you must realize what you are getting yourself into otherwise you will come away very disappointed.

If you can’t decide what to plant it is best you ask the professionals at your local nursery   They know what best grows in your region and can give you guidance as to what will work best for you.

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