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Gardening with Arthritis

Arthritis can make it difficult to perform certain tasks in the garden. However you don’t have to stop gardening altogether. With some precautions you can still enjoy your hobby.


Benefits of Earthworms in the Garden

Earthworms are a great organism that can improve the soil quality of your garden. They can be attracted by mulching your garden in the fall or spring. They don’t have to be fed and will look for their own food.


Gardening in Alaska

Gardening in Alaska can be quite challenging. However by selecting the correct crops and enhancing your soil you can definitely have a nice garden in Alaska. They key is to have realistic expectations as to what will grow.


Choosing the Right Plants

One of the most common mistakes gardeners make is selecting the wrong plant for their garden. They don’t consider the climate or the amount of sun a plant may need and they are disappointed with the results. If you are unsure of what to grow it is best to ask a professional.


Start an Early War on Weeds

Start early in the Spring to pull any weeds that may be in your garden. It is easiest to pull weeds before they have developed a strong root system. Keep on top of weeds and try to avoid using herbicides as they will pollute the land.


Proper Pruning Techniques

Pruning back trees and shrubs is as important as watering and fertilizing them. Don’t be neglectful as you should be pruning every year. By cutting away dead parts of the trees and plants you are making the plant stronger.

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What is Raised Bed Gardening

Raised bed gardening is where the garden is above ground level and the garden may be contained with a wood border so the soil can be piled higher. There are many benefits to raised bed gardening including saving space as well as saving your back as you won’t be forced to bend all the way down to reach the plants. For this reason many older people like raised bed gardens.

How to Start a Vegetable Garden

Starting a vegetable garden is easier than you think. However you need to follow a plan. The steps are simple. You must first choose what you want to grow and make sure that you can grow it in your growing region.